The past is not the property of historians; it is a public possession.
It belongs to anyone who is aware of it, and it grows by being shared.

Dr. Walter Havighurst

About Us

The Champaign County Preservation Alliance encourages historic preservation in Champaign County, founded in 1805, and its environs by educating the public about the value of historic preservation, and the county’s unique historical heritage.

This history reflects our Native American heritage and settlements by the French Fur Trappers and Settlers who briefly stayed on their way westward and those who permanently stayed.

The settlers and inhabitants from the beginning of the 18th century and through the 22nd Century left their influence upon our social, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, and educational systems with building designs and forms of construction. Here are websites of historic districts and properties in Champaign County at and National Register of Historic Places.  Also see photographs of historic properties in Champaign County on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.