Current Projects

Tombstone Trail

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Façade Grants

The CCPA is currently accepting commercial and residential façade grant applications for 2017.  We are excited to be able provide funds we have raised throughout the year for the preservation of Champaign County's historic structures.  There will be two commercial grants; one for up to $1,000 for...

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2015 Residential Grants

Elliot Home

Our façade grant program consists of awarding a matching grant to assist homeowners who take on an exterior project to restore and preserve the historic beauty and attributes of their residence. In 2015, the grant committee selected two properties deserving...

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Oktoberfest 2015

On Sunday, October 4th, the CCPA was once again an active participant in the Champaign County Historical Society Oktoberfest. Among the items available for purchase were Urbana postcards, Tombstone Trail booklets and Loft Tour pre-event tickets. In addition, friends of CCPA had crea...

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Railroad Car


The NX23 Caboose residing at 644 Miami Street continues to draw visitors thanks to Ken Davis, Howard Brust, and Gary Salzgaber. They are the “keepers” of the railcar - they monitor the condition, oversee needed repairs, and open the car during the year for touring. The busiest day f...

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